What You Should Know before Buying White Wine


It is normal for individuals to visit a supermarket aisle, or read a restaurant wine list only to be knocked back by the fancy phrased and wide range of options. That often happens to almost everyone at some point in their lives.

So, if you prefer taking white wine, it is essential that you do your homework before choosing a great bottle. Fret not, since we have just the right information to help you through this purchase decision. Here are a few things to know before buying white wine.

Understand the Different Terms

Like it or not; you’ll always find a myriad of phrases on wine bottles and menus. Without taking note of these buzzwords, then you might end up with the wrong bottle. Some of the phrases you should get accustomed to earlier enough include complex, hand-picked, and Vielles Vignes.

The phrase ‘complex’ is often used to describe wines that constantly change in flavor, from the moment you take a sip till a few minutes after you’ve swallowed. Hand-picked simply means the wine producer invested a significant amount of time and money to bring in the harvest.

As for Vieilles Vignes, it literally means ‘old wine.’’ And if a wine is made from grapes grown on them, then it is likely to be concentrated, special wine. Ensure you acquaint yourself with these phrases before buying a bottle of white wine.

Find a Good Vintage

As a quick reminder, a vintage is simply the year the grapes were harvested. Actually, the year is always different for every country, region, and sometimes vineyard. Take it upon yourself to research what years are perfectly suited for the style of wine you want. Bear in mind those good years mean a better win which translates to a higher price tag.

But how does this impact the taste of white wine? Well, a wine flavor from a particular year can reflect what took place in the vineyards. It doesn’t necessarily imply that the vintage year is a good year for wine since there are lots of facts which make the white wine what it is.

While you can now buy a bottle of white wine online, it doesn’t mean you should go about this purchase hurriedly. A bit of research here and there is essential if you are to end up with a great wine bottle.


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