Duchess of Sussex named Meghan is announced as the guest editor of the September issue of British Vogue. It can be considered an important edition of this year for fashion magazines.

Meghan was welcome to direct the issue by the editor of British Vogue in chief named Edward Enninful.  They started this work in the month of January. This cover features about fifteen black-and-white photographs of females who are actually “trailblazing change-makers. They are joined together by their courage in breaking several barriers.

Mr. Enninful is a vocal advocate of enhancing ethics and diversity within this fashion industry.

The edition theme selected by Mr. Enninful and duchess named “Forces for Change” is actually crated in stark orange print throughout a frost cover. It is created by the mosaic of some close-up portraits by a fashion photographer named Peter Lindbergh. It consists of an actress named Jane Fonda, Prime Minister of New Zealand named Jacinda Ardern, the climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg, the activist and author Sinead Burke and also model named Christy Turlington Burns.

Catherine, who is a Duchess of Cambridge, actually posed on the front cover of the British Vogue in 2016 for a centenary issue of the magazine under the predecessor of Mr. Enninful named Alexandra Shulman. Actually, she wore a casual look, with a white shirt as well as double-breasted suede coat.

It contrasted with a look selected by Diana who is a Wales Princess, mother of Prince Harry and Prince William and Meghan’s husband.

From the starting, everyone talked about a cover, whether she is on it or not,” told by Mr. Enninful.

Inside this magazine, the duchess actually recounts the candid chat with a former first lady named Michelle Obama. It features the interview by Prince Harry along with primatologist and ethnologist named Jane Goodall.

The overall September issues of the fashion magazines are seen as essential of the year as they contain advertising and also cover staffs have pulled within this industry.