Popular Use Cases of Facial Recognition


Facial recognition systems have rapidly increased. Many industries have turned into the use of AI technologies to boost them. A facial recognition system scans and detects a person’s face from database while matchingit with a saved digital image or frame of a video clip. The technology works by pin pointing the facial features of an image and comparing them with other images from the database by using AI algorithms.

The system is a branch of image recognition and works on similar rules for identifying patterns in images. Let’s have a closer look at some of the places where facial recognition system in Singapore is used.


In the retail sector, facial recognition is being used to automate operations. For instance, some businesses such as Amazon go stores are using the technology to implement contactless payments. Customer loyalty offers can also be offered through facial recognition without the customer being interrupted to give a more personalized experience.

In addition, retail biometry security can also be improved through facial recognition to reduce shop lifting. This approach is taken to also create a personalized customer journeys. For instance, knowing how much time a particular customer spendsin a store helps tailor future experiences to their preferences.

Healthcare industry

Another sector where Singapore facial recognition systemshave been considered is the health industry. This software can automatically scan the face of the patient and extract medical history and insurance information reducing the workload for healthcare workers. It’s a great approach to save patients’ time just as is the case when you use it to authenticate hospital visitors.

A recent study shows a high percentage of patients accepting facial recognition technology to extract their information. In addition, facial recognition can also be used to diagnose medical disorders in patients with mild or symptoms that are difficult to detect or healthcare ID systems. There are other numerous fields in the health sector where facial recognition systems are used and it is common to find many hospitals in Singapore using patient ID system.

Bottom Line

To understand customers, improve services and optimize processes, hospitals, retails shops, education institutions, and other companies need to be able to gather feedback. This is an area where the uses for facial recognition may be less immediately obvious, but where those uses can be extremely beneficial.

The technology can be set up for market research purposes, helping companies to know exactly how many people are in location. Most impressively, this data can be gathered automatically, at any time of the day and night. Be sure to research more on new tech involving facial recognition to avoid being left behind.


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