How to Prepare for a Thermage Treatment


Are you looking forward to undergoing a thermage treatment? Congrats! This is the first step in the right direction if you’re to transform and revitalize aging skin on many areas of the body. What is even more fascinating, you can customize thermage treatments.

But just as is the case with any other treatment, you need to prepare yourself fully for what lies ahead. In this post, we will take you through some of the things you need to know about thermage treatment. Keep on reading to find out more.

How to Prepare for Your First Session

The good thing about Thermage treatment is that there is no special preparation method involved. Unlike the traditional invasive surgery, there is no pre-procedure preparation before taking the treatment. However, it is highly advisable that you talk to your medical provider beforehand about the skin care products you use.

Take this as the perfect opportunity to enquire if you can continue using these products before and after the treatment.  Your preparation should not stop there since you have to cleanse the area off your makeup if the Thermage procedure is done on your face.

What to Expect After the Session

Any person who had has to make do with Thermage treatment can attest to the fact that it won’t keep you down for long. Of course, you may experience minor swelling, redness, blisters bumps or redness immediately following treatment. Fortunately, most of these treatments subside within 24 hours.

Nevertheless, you should follow all the instructions provided after visiting the thermage Singapore clinic. For instance, you must use a high-SPF sunscreen regularly, and avoid exposing your skin to extreme cold and hot temperatures. That way, you will be in a better position to attain the look your badly desire.

The Bottom Line

Proper preparation is a must-do before following thermage procedure, or any other treatment for that matter. Remember, the clinic you settle on also plays a vital role in the results you’ll attain. That’s why you should never choose one blindly as it might end up working against you.

To prevent this from happening, get in touch with SL Clinic today. With their team of medical practitioners, it won’t take long before they complete the treatment. Better, they have put in place competitive fees saving you some money. Check them out today and find out more about the thermage treatment.


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