How to make indoor environment clean and hygienic


Keeping your indoor environment clean is very important for all of us. Starting from the dusting, brooming, moping and even cleanliness of your furniture, refrigerator to cleaning your mattress. A quality sleep at night can lead to improvise emotional wellness and physical health. While cleaning your bed and mattress one should pay proper attention and use specific equipment. Cleaning incurs dust removal from mattress. The fabric used on mattresses in not designed to remove dust or stains, it’s very difficult to remove stains from mattress but the primary function of cleaning is to wipe off stains and dirt from it.

The persistency of dirt and dust may cause health problems especially for people with allergies and hypersensitivities. Fresh and dust free or mattress does not means that your bed is clean, it still has dirt and stains on it. Cleaning a mattress has some interesting benefits like it keeps your indoor air healthier, proper allergy management and peaceful sleep at night. Singapore has so many laundry and cleaning service provider, who are experts in cleaning. These service providers have expertise in deep cleaning involving bacteria and fungal disinfection of all your mattress, upholstery and laundry. There are many of the professional mattress cleaning companies in Singapore like DH Asia, Clean Care, Chem Dry etc. mattress cleaning companies have team of experts who do their work efficiently within the affordable cost.

Before booking an appointment for the cleaning you should go through the reviews of various companies enlisted on many websites. Like you can have check of reviews of Mattress Medics and Cotton care , this is very important in terms of quality service and within the span given time slot. MediaOne is one of the leading website which lets you get the details of cleaning service provider in Singapore. You can find the list of top 20 cleaner at

These professionals are highly equipped with the advanced technology. With the use of advanced equipment like UV-C cleaning machine, vacuum and steam cleaners the work has become fast with the no waste of time. Service offered by the companies include steam cleaning, total dust removal, Bacterial, Micro-organism and virus Disinfection, odour treatment, and soiled stains treatment. These companies also offer cleaning services for furniture, bed, curtains, upholstery and laundry service. Cleaning of your frequently used household things in particular interval of time makes the house environment healthy and more hygienic.


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