Care and Maintenance of Terracotta Floors


So, you have finally made up your mind to invest in terracotta tile flooring. This is a step in the right direction if the benefit it has to bring is something to go with. Terracotta tiles give your room a rustic character while also looking authentic against roughly plastered wall or exposed stone. With proper care and maintenance, terracotta tiles are going to serve you for many years to come. However, the amount of maintenance depends on the type of terracotta floor tile. In this post, we will share the best ways of taking good care of terracotta tiles.

  • Cleaning

If you happen to have a LOPO Terracotta floor that has been waxed or synthetically sealed, then cleaning with a Ph-neutral stone cleaner will serve you perfectly. At no time should use off-the-shelf cleaners that contain alkaline or acid as they are only going to strip away the protective wax and dealer. This in turn results in a dull floor thus losing its appeal. When cleaning Terracotta Tile simply spray the cleaner on to the surface and leave it for 30 seconds. You can then wipe it off using a clean damp cloth.

  • Invest in a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Investing in a wet vacuum cleaner is definitely going to save you big time when cleaning terracotta tile. This is because the wet vacuum cleaner is going to suck up more dirty water after washing the floor that can be removed using an ordinary mop and bucket.  Even though wet vacuums fetch a high price in the market when compared to regular vacuum cleaners, they have the added advantage of sucking up both solids and liquids. You should however be careful about dragging the vacuum cleaner since the hard wheels on the machine may end up scratching the surface.

  • Seal with a Natural Stone Sealer

Last but  not least, you should seal the Clay Facade Tile using a natural stone sealer at least once after every five years. Before sealing terracotta floor, you ought to ensure the surface is as clean as possible. If the terracotta tile floor has been down for a long time, high chances are there will be ingrained dirt and stains. Worse, there may be remnants of previous wax and sealer. To remove this hassle-free, apply a chemical stripper to the surface. If you have no idea regarding the previous sealer used, it would be better to contact the manufacturer and determine the best stripper to use.

Final Thoughts

Just as is the case with any other floor, you should make it the norm to clean your terracotta floor. After all, you want to get good value for your money after investing in terracotta facade Panels or tiles. Luckily, the above-mentioned tips are always going to come in handy thus making sure you use the fa├žade panels and tiles for many years to come. It is then that you are going to save on money that you would have used in replacements and repairs.


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