A Guide to CBD Vaping


Toking on THC used to be the buzz in town but now medicating on CBD-rich vapor is a thing too. Benefits of medicating on CBD include:

  • Relieving pain
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Controlling excess body weight
  • Dealing with inflammation and post-inflammation acne

So, what is CBD vape juice?

What Is CBD Vape Juice?

Among the changes that have landed on the shores of the vaping world is the substitution of CBD for Nicotine. CBD, as an alternative ingredient to nicotine, has been received positively by millions across the globe to adopt a healthy vaping culture.

Any vaping juice containing CBD as an alternative to tobacco is CBD vape juice. It can also include some medley of unique flavoring and additives to increase throat sensation.

CBD Vape Juice can also be referred to as CBD Vape Oil though it contains no oil and has been made explicitly for inhalation. The vape juice is used in weed vaporizers: the juice is heat to vapor rich in CBD and other flavors then inhaled directly into the lung via a mouthpiece.

Vaping has gained popularity since vaporization as an alternative to combustion preserves the flavor and exposes the CBD enthusiast to fewer toxins.

What to know When Vaping CBD Oil

  1. Choosing a Vape Device for Your CBD Vape Juice

As vaping grows in popularity, vaping brands are using their expertise, talent, energies, and partnership with researchers around the globe to engineer unique, powerful, and safe vaping devices. Most vaping enthusiasts use a range of vaporizers such as Vape Pens, Vape Pods, and Vape Mods

A Vape pen is a two-piece device with -battery and cartridge. The two parts can be detachable or integrated to form an all-in-one vaping device. Vape pens are simple to use and portable, which is suitable for novice vapers.

A Vape Pods too is a two-piece device with a battery and replaceable/refillable pod. It is also ultra-portable and versatile; allowing for changing of pods to vape favorite CBD vape juices.

Vape Mods, on the other hand, are unique, bulkier and bigger vaporizers with modified features such as low resistance coils, larger tanks, larger battery capacity, and more. They come with settings aimed to help vapers customize the vaping experience; the settings, however, can be overwhelming to beginners.

Vape mods however offer:

  • More vaping sessions because of larger tanks and batteries.
  • Sub-ohming experience
  • Powerful vapor cloud
  • Stronger flavor

Mods are suitable for advanced vapers. There are two types of Mods to choose from Mechanical and Box Mod. The Mechanical Mod is one in which raw battery power is fed directly to the atomizer while the Box Mod has electronics to help customize the wattage. Mechanical Mods require knowledge of electricity concepts for hassle-free operation.

  1. Low Resistance Means More Heat

To determine the nest ohm setting for your CBD Oil Mod know that Voltage= Current X Resistance.
Since battery voltage is constant, a decrease in resistance means an increase in current and more heat that brings all flavor to the forefront. It also results in warmer large-cloud vapor and releases more compounds.

  1. Ideal Temperature for Vaping CBD Oil

Lower resistance means more current and higher temperatures. Heating the oil to the correct temperature ensures efficient vaporization of the CBD and terpenes for optimal medical effects.
The ideal temperature range for medicating on CBD vapor is 175 – 200 ℃ according to Dr. Ian Mitchell; a University of British Columbia clinical assistant professor.

For an efficient balance between the smoothness of the vapor and evaporation of cannabinoids 210 ℃, C is the best temperature setting according to Dr. Arno Hazekamp of Bedrocan BV, Netherlands. He says that temperatures below 180 ℃ Conly produce terpenes and no CBD as it vaporizes at higher temperatures.

What Quantity of CBD Vape Oil to Vape

When medicating on CBD vaper, you should consider factors such as body weight, tolerance, and the symptoms you are treating. There’re no rules carved in stone on what quantities to take, but consider getting a doctor’s advice so as not to harm yourself.

The amount you take per puff depends on the strength of the CBD juice and the vaping device at use. A typical prefilled CBD Cartridge contains about 100mg of CBD so you’ll be taking in 1-2 mg of CBD per puff. MODS and pens, on the other hand, deliver a bit stronger CBD per puff.

The best way to go about it is to start low; medicate on 1-2 mg CBD vapor after every 6 hours and gradually increase the dosage as you build a tolerance.

When to Vape CBD-rich Juices

  • After strenuous exercises or during pain

Rigid exercises are sure to cause pain, and so are cramps, migraines, and more. Inhale CBD vapor after workouts or during cramps to dull pain receptors so you can go on with daily routines.

• To reduce inflammation and post-inflammation acne

CBD is also a natural remedy to help deal with acne and skin-related conditions. Ingesting it is the best way as compared to applying CBD lotions on the skin. It gives long-time benefits by regulating sebum production, which in excess mixes with toxins and clogs the pores leading to pimples.

  • To Reduce Stress & Depression

Unwind and relax after a long day at work by inhaling CBD-rich vapor. Busy top CEOs say CBD provides a pleasant and mellow way to decrease the intensity of a stressful day without the need for a glass of wine or meditation.

  • To control excessive body weight

Losing weight is going to require diet and physical discipline. To take on those rigid exercises, reduce the intensity of the pain by inhaling CBD vapor. It also helps cut down excessive appetite that leads to unhealthy snacking habits.

  • To prevent sleep disorders

Excess pain or psycho-activeness will make it hard to fall asleep. CBD neutralizes both of these so you can relax and fall asleep. Inhale some CBD vapor before going to bed for some quality sleep.

Is CBD Vape juice Legal?

Lastly, there’s the issue of legality: you don’t want to be vaping on the wrong side of the law now do you? CBD Oil from industrial hemp is legal in most US states except North Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska. CBD oil from marijuana, on the other hand, is criminalized by the federal government.

In retrospect, vaping on CBD-rich juice has several benefits according to anecdotal reports. It doesn’t cause a person to get high, and no case of overdosing on it has been reported yet. When considering to medicate on CBD vaper, however, buying pre-made CBD vape juice is the best option as they’re pre-dosed to the right amount unlike what you prepare at home which might be over or under-dosed.


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