Let us face it; the world of newborn photography is full of misconceptions and frankly dangerous habits. This may not come as a surprise especially when you have seen viral Facebook videos of newborn babies in froggy pose unsupported. That is why you are always advised to exercise caution when looking for a Seattle newborn photographer. Well, this is regardless of whether you are a brand new mom or a veteran mom who regrets the decision of not hiring a professional the first time around. Today we will take a look at some of the questions you need to ask when hiring a newborn photographer.

Do You Have a Safety Training with Handling Newborns?

The safety of your newborn baby comes first before anything else. What am trying to imply is that you need to confirm whether the Newborn photographer Seattle has undergone the necessary newborn safety training. If not, then you should not hesitate in looking for a different newborn photographer. After all, there are numerous opportunities for newborn baby photographers to invest in safety training, both online and in person. So, there is no reason why a photographer should not undertake this training.

Do You Have a Newborn Session Prep Guide?

Many new parents tend to be overwhelmed with their first Newborn photography Seattle session. As a matter of fact, some feel like they need to bring with them a full wardrobe and props. Others are not even sure when to feed the newborn before their session or whether to let baby sleep all morning. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, you need to request for a newborn session prep guide. A reputable Tacoma newborn photographer must share this guide with parents a few days before their session. It is then that you will have a clear idea of what is expected of you before the session.

Is Family Posing Included?

Many parents certainly want to be in the photos, whereas others do not want at all. If you want to be included in the photo, then you need to talk with the newborn photographer beforehand. In most cases, the photographer will have two session fees for the parents in each category. You should thus be ready to spend more than you had initially anticipated if you want family posing to be included in the perk. This is unless you decided to go with a Seattle family photographer.

The Bottom Line

Before hiring a newborn photographer near me, be sure to ask as many questions as possible. Actually, this is the only way you can determine what lies ahead. Shun away from hiring newborn photographers who are hesitant with their answers since they might be hiding something. You should actually take this as a red flag and look for a different newborn photographer. It is only through this action that you are destined to get the most out of Newborn photography Seattle without having to go through a lot.