Huawei P30 pro has won acclaim considerably for its impeccable camera capabilities as well as overall performance. As per the announcement at IFA 2019, the company managed to ship around 16.5 million Huawei P30 units globally. They even come up with two new amazing color variants of the Huawei pro which is considered as an ingenious way of new phone launch, which avoids the ban on accessing Google services and apps on its phones.

The Huawei mobile Twitter official revealed that the company has managed to ship 16.5 million units in the last 6 months. This highly impressive figure of this flagship phone feature 53% increment in the overall global sales. Until Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G dethroned Huawei P30, it achieved a DxOMark score of around 112 and known for being the leading champion for photography.

Misty Lavender and Misty Blue – these are the two newly launched P30 variants of the Huawei P30 Pro. These enticingly new variants flaunt the dual-tone design, which akin the Pixel 3 pair. There is a glossy finish on the top portion and the remaining phone has a matte finishing, which covers the larger portion of the rear panel. The internal specifications of both the variants are the same as the standard Huawei P30 Pro.

The pricing, as well as the market availability details of the Hawa P30 Pro Misty Blue and Misty Lavender color variants, are yet to be revealed in the market. They are now listed on the VMall in China. The Android 10 update for the Huawei P30 Pro model is already in the pipeline. They have kicked off of the EMUI already for the beta 10 registrations for this model. No word has been given for the update releasing through the stable channels.