The IT services provider of your choice will be in charge of documenting the IT activity and the tasks performed during the resolution of incidents in the Professional Services. So they are looking for Managed Services providers. It is a solution that helps companies maintain a stable and secure network infrastructure while migrating their assets to the Cloud, allowing users to continue using the network in a normal way. This is an optimal option, especially for micro and medium companies that do not have full-time IT specialists and who need to restructure their technology bases.

A Managed IT Services provider provides us with network, applications, system as well as administration of a network for multiple companies. If we are an SME we can hardly hire an IT expert in our payroll that includes the administration of technology applications, Internet services, generation of email accounts, backups, domain purchase, app generation, etc. All the latest services that we would like to have and savings that we would like to generate in the use of technology until the hiring of these services, this is where the experience of a Managed Services company comes. They will charge us only for the services we hire them along with the ability to use of data we can have.

While the new technology presents us with a world of opportunities for companies, they also introduce challenges. The pace of change in IT is unpredictable. Cell phones or mobile devices based on Cloud Hosting Solutions that give us so many possibilities also include a mix of devices, platforms and applications so that IT departments can manage and secure. The great advantage of Managed Security Services is the protection of a real-time network for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Working with an IT management provider will allow you to coordinate your Service Desk to solve problems quickly and schedule visits on site, this significantly improves efficiency, response speed and resolution times in case of incidents, significantly increasing your operational efficiency and scope.

These companies have a team of highly trained specialists, with up-to-date knowledge about cyber attacks, thus being able to keep monitoring the networks under constant review. Beyond monitoring and rapid response to a threat, Network Support Services companies need to identify specific elements of customer security assets, as they deal with different types of tools. Therefore, it is necessary to configure them continuously to reduce the probability of attacks.

In addition to regulatory audits, many organizations are required to comply with standards and obligations with their IT initiatives. Insurers, Portability and social responsibility law, privacy and family rights law, Information privacy law. Banking industries in credit cards, payment laws, all of them require compliance with laws according to security, privacy, financial services as well as the retailers industry. Trying to be up to date on these issues is a bit expensive and it is recommended to outsource to a Managed Service that supports these issues, reports, processes, systems, Network Security Solutions, etc. and that guarantees organizations compliance with these requirements.


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