It is without a doubt that people with the same health complication tend to receive the same medical treatment, despite their many differences. And this does not come as a surprise to many. However,understanding how dissimilar people develop disease and respond to treatments is never an easy undertaking. Actually, the best scientists and doctors can attest to this. No wonder, doctors have been relying on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach based on broad population averages.

But with innovations in the world of technology, things to be heading in a different direction. This is possible thanks to personalised healthcare that seems to be getting us closer to more precise, predictable and healthcare. What is even better, precision medicine is customized for the individual patient. Well, all this is thanks to the growing understanding of genetics and genomics.

For this reason, doctors can now offer better disease prevention, safer drug prescriptions, way more accurate diagnosis, not forgetting effective treatments for the diseases and conditions that make our lives a living hell. This is the promising idea behind personalised healthcare or genomic medicine.

Benefits of Personalized Medicine

Despite the fact that not many people appreciate the value that personalised healthcare brings, it is set to transform the health industry for the better. To give you a tip of the iceberg, personalized medicine shifts the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention while at the same time customizing disease-prevention strategies. If this is not enough, personalised healthcare allows for improved disease detection, preempt disease progression and enhanced prediction to disease.

This comes as a good news at a time when doctors have been struggling to treat different health complications. After all, personalized medicine is based on each patient’s unique genetic makeup thus explaining why it may overcome the limitations of traditional medicine.

The Bottom Line

Personalised healthcare is certainly going to change the future of the health industry. From shifting the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention, to improving disease detection and prescribing more effective drugs, patients can now get the right treatment. Keep in mind personalised healthcare will also play a significant role in doing away with trial-and-error inefficiencies. These inefficiencies tend to inflate health care costs while at the same time undermining patient care.

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