What happens during a drive-through PCR test?


Those who have symptoms of COVID-19 and have a greater chance of getting the virus have to get the test result of PCR so that they are allowed to travel by airline. For the PCR test, you have to take an appointment. While booking a test, you should select the closest test location or home test to save time.

What happens during a PCR test?

After reaching the location, you should clean your hands using hand sanitizer. The staff members will take some personal details, like name, phone number, and email address. These details should be correct because you can get instant notification about the result. However, the message or email cannot be shown as evidence. The actual test result should be so that the airlines can allow you to travel.

One of the healthcare workers will use a swab to take a sample for the test from inside the nose and the back of your throat. This test might make you a bit uncomfortable but it is not at all painful. The children who are given the test will only be asked to give a nasal swab sample. All the collected samples will be sent to a near lab for testing. Those who have coronavirus symptoms will be asked to self-isolate until the test result.

What happens during a drive-through PCR test?

People who are in hurry can get a drive-through PCR test from selected test centres. Before starting the journey for the drive-through test, you and all the other members should wash their hands and wear a mask. You will get the directions that need to be followed while driving. The healthcare worker generally asks the person to open the window of their car and won’t ask them to come out.

You will have to give personal details so that they can instantly send notifications about the test result. Then, the healthcare worker will take the sample from inside the nose and backside of your throat. This process can make you a bit uncomfortable but it is not at all painful. They will send the sample to a lab for testing and those who have coronavirus symptoms will be asked to self-isolate till they receive the notification of the result.

PCR Test result

You can get the actual test result within a week, depending on the test center. However, you will be notified through message or email about the result.


We hope now you understand the process of PCR test and how you can be allowed to travel. You can check for the center that provides quick results if you need it for traveling purposes.


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