Understanding the Difference between Parfum, Eau De Parfum, Cologne, and Aftershave


It is no longer surprising to come across a cosmetic store adding EDP Singapore to their iconic collection, alongside the original colognes and aftershaves. If you find yourself wondering what exactly the term EDP means, do not panic, as we’ve created a guide to help you distinguish between the varying fragrance types.

You probably already know that cologne and aftershave are dubbed as general terms for men’s fragrance while perfume is thought to be feminine. However, this is not really the case considering perfume is historically used to describe both men and women’s fragrances. Read on below to uncover more!

What is the Difference Between Parfum, EDP, EDT, EDC and Aftershave?

The main difference between Parfum, EDP, EDC, and aftershave is the concentration of essential oils or ‘aromatic’ compounds diluted in water and alcohol, which make up a fragrance. These varying concentrations lend the perfumes to differing purposes and prices.

Parfum, also known as ‘Puer Perfume’ is the strongest and longest lasting concentration of fragrance available today. The formula generally contains 20-30% of scented perfume ingredient in combination with alcohol and/or water. Actually, the perfume element is the most precious of the ingredients.

Eau de Parfum, on the other hand, contains a mildly lower percentage of essential fragrance compounds, averaging at 15-20%. Despite this, it is still a high-grade perfume with significant strength in scent and staying power, while being much more accessible to purchase.

EDT lies in the middle on the concentration scale with a perfume ingredient content of 5-15% percent. EDT is typically French in its roots, developed from the French culture of morning pampering and grooming, as its middling strength is refreshing and perfect for everyday use, popular with both men and women.

As we conclude Eau de Cologne (EDC) contains a high grade of fragrance with strong, often refreshing head notes, but at a lower percentage of up to 8% a good option for everyday use. Its allure comes from its simplicity, with focus on using fine ingredients derived from nature.

For a little more detail difference between EDC and EDP Singapore, cologne is the oldest variation of perfume in the West, developed in Cologne, Germany, as a light, refreshing scent with prominent citrus head notes and herbaceous base notes. Ensure you research more about EDP Singapore before you can finally make this informed purchase decision.


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