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With the increasing popularity of online stores, consumers are finding it appealing to shop online. This might not come as a surprise considering you can dress from head to toe without having to move an inch. However, the idea of buying women’s shoes online does not seem to go well with so many people since you might end up choosing the wrong size.  So, how do you get the perfect size when relying on online stores?  Here are some tips that are definitely going to prove beneficial.

Shape of Your Foot and Shoe

It is mandatory for you to keep a close eye on the footwear model you are planning to purchase. This is because the shape of your foot has an important role to play when shopping for women’s boots online. If you happen to have wide feet, then it would be better to go for pointed shoes or those having a seam at the widest part of your foot.  Things are quite different for women whose instep is high since you need women’s footwear with the zipper on the front, part of the heel or on the side.


Quite a number of people do not seem to realize that season affects the way they buy women’s moccasins. During summer, your feet tend to be slightly swollen and larger. If you are looking forward to buying women’s shoes during this period, then it is highly advisable that you get accurate measurements before making a purchase online. Through this action, you are set to choose women footwear that fit perfectly. For those who are in dire need of warm winter women’s footwear with fur, then you should opt for a larger size since squeezed feet get cold much faster.

The Bottom Line

The secret of finding the right size of women’s shoes when shopping online lies in taking your measurements before doing anything else. Keep in mind your foot size tends to change over time due to a number of factors including weight gain, pregnancy, fluid retention, age to mention a few. It is for this reason that you should get the correct measurements after which you can make a purchase online. The good news is that online stores have a size chart that is meant to help you in finding the perfect fit without having to go through a lot.


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