Manymarketers still rely on the individual keyword research tactic to pick content topics. They just try to catch one seemingly attractive topic after another and don’t think about how their new pages fit into the websites structure. However, this approach is not enough to rank high anymore.

Google now values websites that have high topical authority. Whatdoes it mean? To achieve a topical authority in your niche, you need to cover all the related subjects and build topic clusters on your site. On top of that, your content has to be top-notch. Below are tips that will help you build pillar posts that are highly ranked.

UnderstandYour Target Audience

Well, all marketers know that this is a crucial thing when it comes toestablishing a brand presence. But it’s something that is insisted at all the time because people almost always lose sight of their ideal customer. If your target audience is an IT manger or CTO, then you will agree that it doesn’t make any sense to write some contents.

In simple terms, knowing who your ideal reader is very crucial. You’ll save a lot of time especially when it come to your research and planning. So, firstthings first, understand your whole audience before you even think aboutestablishing separate accounts.

PickYour Main Topic

The next thing to consider is your main topic. Here, we approach the planning phase. This is also the moment when we’re starting to adopt content intelligence to find better insights in less time. Choosing your main topic for the pillar page and the whole topic cluster is the first thing you should do to implement a growth strategy.

Funding the perfect keyword is always a hard task. You can go through some guides that will help you find keyword. They will help you analyse all crucial metrics and make the most educated guess possible. Butif you are in a rush, you can go through content-intelligence based process.


Pillar pages and topic clusters can be an excellent strategy for conquering high-volume keywords and getting many leads. However, you can just write something out and use it as a big dump to put everything you know about a particular subject in it. And one of the best ways to make this happen is to conduct cross-platform marketing campaigns. Ensure youlearn more how to create pillar posts to get things right from the word go.