Many will agree that the Japanese understand what it takes to refine everything down to the smallest detail be it culinary arts, cars or even whisky. Over the last couple of years, Japanese whisky has been getting overwhelming attention in the spirits world. Many are now turning to a bottle of Japanese whisky whenever they want to have a good time either alone or with their loved ones. But how much do you know about Japanese whisky. In this post, we will take you through some of the facts you probably did not know about Japanese whisky.

They Make Use of Ingredients from Scotland

Most Japanese whisky makers have been closely studying the scotch whisky-making. Actually, many are now opting to produce their brands in similar ways while also using the same ingredients. For instance, some distilleries are making use of malted barley for single malts and other ingredients such as corn, wheat and peated barley for blends that are imported from Scotland. One thing you ought to remember is that the taste is very different since the Japanese include tiny details in their distilling process.

Japanese Distilleries are Highly Competitive with One Another

Unlike in Scotland where companies are fond of exchanging barrels with one another simply because they want to obtain flavors thus balancing their blends, things are quite different in Japan. Actually, the whisky business in Japan is very competitive considering Japanese distilleries are not into exchanging barrels with each other. Distilleries even have their own secrets and make different brands of whisky. So, do not be surprised when you come across a Japanese distillery that has different whisky brands in their name. No wonder many people are now turning to famous Japanese spirits such as Hibiki whisky.

Highball Drinking Culture Works for Everyone

We can never conclude without mentioning the fact that highball is an important part of the drinking culture in Japan. This special drink features a mixture of soda water and Japanese whisky. Even though it was very common in the ‘50s” and “60s”, it has now come back with younger and casual workers making it their norm. With highball drinking, you no longer have to worry about tampering with the intensity of overwhelming flavors thus interfering with your meals. In fact, the soda water plays a vital role when it comes to softening up the whisky taste thus working out with meals.

The Bottom Line

Before trying out any brand of whisky from Japanese, you ought to know what is in store for you. Understanding the different forms of drinking Japanese whisky and figure out what works well with your favorite Japanese cuisine will help you out. The good news is that you can always make a purchase from the comfort of your home. Simply check out online dealers such as 11Malts from where you can get the best Japanese whisky without breaking the bank. Be sure to take it in a form that mostly appeals to you.