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The importance of local SEO is not often taken into account in the web positioning strategies of B2B companies. Many of the businesses and companies that you find on the Internet orient their business radius to satisfy the needs of a local market with a very specific and localized geographic scope and, nevertheless, the orientation of their SEO, instead of contemplating and influencing this, is oriented towards macro-magnitudes and a global positioning, losing much of the potential that the assigned resources should achieve.

On other occasions, your company may set itself the objective of penetrating a market located in a certain geographical area. In these cases, a strategy that considers local positioning as a priority is essential. You can easily boost your positioning with location. It is clear that you can and should do it if the orientation of your business aims to focus on a geographically located market. When you perform a search as a user of a car repair shop, the most common thing is that you enter, within your search phrase, the geographical area that is convenient for you to take to fix it. This will give you exclusively, those repair shops near your area and that are the ones that interest you.

If you are the owner of that workshop or business that provides services or sells its products in specific city, you will be little or nothing interested in appearing in the top positions in searches in city and improving your presence in local searches must be your objective, making your resources focus on it. The web analytics gives us a range of tools to know where they are coming from users looking for us or looking for products like ours, so it will be very useful for detecting markets you can go if your company has a set of aspirations to expand its geographical scope and expand, tackling a local SEO strategy that improves web positioning in these areas.

A good strategy to improve your rank and your presence in the top positions locally is to properly use a combination of all the elements available to Geolocate the indexing of your pages, without neglecting in any way the debugging of all those aspects that favor SEO a general level. As you can see, local SEO is of utmost importance and the development tools and other utilities offer you infinity of alternatives that, well used, will favor your presence in the markets that interest you the most.