You might probably be wondering what exactly is 5G and how it is architectured differently to deliver speed, low latency, capacity and a host of other benefits. Well, there is no reason to panic since you have definitely come to the right place. In this quick guide, we will take you take you through some of the most notable capabilities made possible by 5G network architecture and how connected applications can benefit from it.

To cut the long story short, the 3GPP standards behind 5G network architecture were first introduced by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). For those who might not know what we are talking about, this is the organization that is behind developing international standards for all mobile communications.

You ought to remember that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU0 and its partners define the requirements and timeline for mobile communication systems. The ‘G’ in 5G stands for ‘generation.’ 5G network architecture, on the other hand presents significant advances way beyond 4G LTE technology that comes on the heels of 3G and 2G.

Just as is the case with its predecessors, 5G ought to co-exist with previous networks. You might be wondering why this is even important in the first place. To help clear some of the doubts in mind, developing and deploying new network technologies takes an enormous amount of time and investment. Furthermore, adopters who have made major investments in large deployments with exiting network technologies would rather hold on to them for as long as possible..

Remember, the 5G network architecture improves vastly upon past architectures. This explains why we can now enjoy faster data transmission speed, up to multi Gigabit/s speeds. To make it even better, it allows for greater capacity, fueling a massive amount of IoT devices per square kilometer.

The Bottom Line

Does this really mean that 5G is fully ready today? Even though some countries have already deployed this network, it is yet to reach full deployment. However, the future seems bright if the benefits it currently offers are anything to go by.