Reputable Signs of A Bad Childcare Centre In Singapore


Finding the best daycare might seem like a daunting task, with so many institutions offering early childhood education. Although the vast number of numerous options to choose from can confuse you, thoroughly doing your homework on various day facilities can pay you off in the long run.

But not all who claim to be child care providers have the right resources, skills and even attitude to handle children. And it’s up to the parents to properly do their research to find the best daycare. Without further ado, below are some signs of a bad childcare to watch out for.

Lacks Accreditation

While lack of accreditation might not be one of the signs of a bad daycare provider, accreditation is also a sign of a good daycare. Accredited childcare providers normally offer a high level of attention to educational activities that can probably help your child grow and develop thus preparing them for kindergarten. Of course, there are different types of accredited programs and it’s indeed an overwhelming task to pinpoint the best one for your kid.

Nevertheless, a few noteworthy accreditation organizations include the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation and The National Accreditation Commission. Ask the prospective daycare provider if the facility has an age-appropriate and stimulating curriculum tailored to children of different age groups.

Such curricula can include singing times, reading, outdoor play snack time and many more. It’s indeed significant not to waste your time and money in a facility that has no organized plans.

Poor at Communication

A good childcare centre in Singapore facility should provide regular communication. And the type of communication might vary based on the age of your child. Some facilities usually send a small piece of paper home with your baby listing some important things like the times and types of diaper changes, feedings, as well as comments about their day with your kid.

If you have an older child, the caregiver might still use this type of update or send out an email to the parent with a short update on group’s day and several photos. When picking your child from the daycare centre, it’s vital to ask the caregiver how your child’s day was.

You should be wary if the caregiver doesn’t look bothered with your concerns or if they seem rushed. Bad communication can also be manifested on how the providers give updates to parents.


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