Purchasing the Suorin Air in a vape shop near me


As the vaping culture keeps getting more popular, almost every vaper wants to stand out from the rest. Pod systems have increasingly become one of the ways through which enthusiast vapers can distinguish themselves from other vape lovers. As an enthusiast who has been vaping almost from the beginning of the culture, I have seen many trends come and go. To date, no trend has fascinated me more than pod systems. If you are looking to join the “enthusiasts club,” you might have a lot of questions on how to go about it. My first tip would be to start with a Suorin Air vape device for it is fantastic.

My first encounter with Suorin Air

As usual, I get all my vaping supplies from the vape store near me. There was this one time that I went to the vape shop looking to try something new. I was not really looking to become trendy or anything, just something apart from the usual. After years of vaping, I felt that I had done almost everything that could be done and tried virtually everything. As an enthusiast vaper, vaping to me is more than just recreation, it’s an experience; when it comes to experiences, there is always something new.

After a short discussion with the shop attendant, he passed on to me pod system that I had never seen before, the SuorinAir. My first impression was that the device was sleek and beautiful. The shop attendant pointed out that I should try it as it bound to take my vaping experience to a whole new level. I was a bit hesitant, as I did not want to ruin my perfect happy vaping record. Despite this, I went on and tried it, and I can tell you that this pod system is revolutionary.

Package contents

I guess you are already wondering, so, what exactly did you get? Here is what was bundled in the Suorin Air package that I got from the vape shop near me.

• Suorin Air pod
• Suorin Air V2 system
• Micro USB cable
• Instruction Manual

Why did this pod system stand out for me?

Yeah, I have used a lot of pod systems in my time as a vapor, some I got from the vape shop near me, others I bought online. I can tell you that the Suorin Air vape device stood out for me more than a pod system that I have used previously. Here’s why:

• Optimized design for better vaping

This pod system features an optimized design for better vaping. The device has been improved to fit perfectly on your mouth and give you an unbeatable experience. It actually felt like I was putting a great vaping device on my mouth for the first time.

• Allows for discretion

The benefits of the impeccable design of the Suorin Air actually extend far beyond it fitting well on my mouth. This vaping device measures an impressive 86 mm by 8 mm by 43 mm and proudly takes the crown of being the smallest of vaping devices that you can buy. This smallness allows you to carry the device around with discretion easily. This was very beneficial to me as I like traveling with my pod system.

• A punchier 400 mAh battery

The Sourin vape device that I got from the vaping shop near me is fitted with a 400 mAh battery. This battery is punchier than what is found in almost all of the other pod systems on the market today. This punchier battery means that I can get to vape longer on a single charge, which just makes life much more comfortable. Additionally, it takes roughly 30 minutes to charge this device to full capacity.

• An impressive 2 ml pod

This vaping device has an impressive 2 ml pod that is disposable. The 2 ml pods are enough to give you a good time. If you would like to vape for longer, you can carry as many pods as you would wish and replace each when it runs dry. The pods are also easily refillable and can be used a couple of times.

It gets even better – Warranty

From the time I started vaping on my Suorin Air, one thing has been very evident, the quality of the device. Have you ever used a vape device that delivers beyond your expectations? By looking at the size of this pod system, you can easily dismiss it, and you will be wrong. It is well built, and you tell as soon as you hold it in your hand thanks to its sturdiness. It is made with high-quality material and with top-notch craftsmanship. To be honest, I have put my Suorin device through some harsh treatment, and it has not failed to work yet.

The salesperson at the vape shop near me had informed me that Suorin covers all its devices with a six months warranty. I have never had a chance to take advantage of my warranty as the device has never broken despite some few harsh treatments. You should know that the warranty only covers normal usage under the company’s instructions. The 6-month warranty period starts from the date of purchase.

The Suorin Air vape device is definitely the one you should get if you’re looking to take your vaping game to the enthusiasts level. It has all the features that you can ask for in an excellent pod system. You can also get to choose among the numerous vape device colors options from super stealth black, pink pearl, gunmetal grey, gotti gold, ruby red, deep blue, metallic silver, shark grey, tropical teal, rose pedal, and key lime.

Given the numerous color options available, I’m planning to visit the vape shop near me and get a color for every day of the week. I told you I’m an enthusiast who is all about getting the best experience, didn’t I? You would want to have more than one color of Suorin vape devices at least, wouldn’t you?


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