If you’re a proud business owner, then you should already know that mission statements come in all shapes and sizes. From the short and pithy to the comprehensive and verbose, to the specific and measurable, there are no absolutes on what is right for your company.

No matter how perfectly written it might be, your mission statement will only be effective if it’s generally considered to be an accurate and useful summary of your company. That’s explains why you should take all the time in the world to craft the perfect mission statement.

The catch lies in understanding what makes a strong mission statement before taking the next step of action. Below are some of the most notable qualities to consider while creating your company’s mission statement.

Create Expectations

A strong mission statement will always embrace the expectations of a target audience for something they really crave. For instance, a mission statement that focuses on creating the best customer service possible creates the expectation in customers that the company will deliver remarkable service each and every time. So, be sure to think about what your target audience crave before including it in your company’s mission statement.

Make it Realistic

Most organizations fall into the trap of creating a mission statement that is so grandiose and philosophical that they lose all touch with reality. If this sounds like your company’s mission statement, then it might be the ideal time to make some adjustments. A strong mission statement should be grounded in what your organization offers customers in the present. In short, strive to save the inspirational and future-based language for your vision statement.

To be honest; a lot more goes into crafting the perfect mission statement for your company than merely what is included in this quick guide. No wonder you should never rush over the decision to create a mission statement without understanding the traits to include.

If in doubt, you can always enlist expert help and craft an ideal mission statement for your company without necessarily having to push yourself to the limit.