Katharine Hamnett declares fashion tax is stupid


According to the recent news fashion designer, Katharine Hamnet has declared that the proposal to impose fashion tax on the industry is incredibly stupid. The 1p per garment tax suggestion was made by A commons committee so that for recycling of clothes could be funded. There has been growing anticipation of the fact that the industry is being dominated by fast-growing fashion but the designer said that if the tax is imposed then the workers would get paid less than they deserve.

In fact, she is seconding the agreement by EU legislation so that the goods from outside Europe are meeting the standards of the region. Katharine specifically mentioned that imposing the tax logo to be like putting a plaster on a septic wound. The most important factor to take note is that the brands are never going to do it willfully and even if they do nothing is going to change. She said that it would be better for the branch to impose quality control so that the workers can work properly and make the environment toxic-free, instead of paying for the kind of toxicity that is being discharged in the environment.

In the last couple of years, there has been raised concerns about out because of the fast fashion. As mentioned by Stella Claxton of Nottingham Trent University, the sustainability of garments has to be done and when is history started by social media marketing so that mass production can be restricted. Once quality control is done the consumers will think twice before throwing away good clothes even if they have too many.

According to the recent records, it has been noticed that the United Kingdom disposes about a million tons of clothes every year which is indeed toxic to the environment and the landfill sites are brimming with synthetic fiber. When such toxic fiber reaches the water bodies it is being ingested by fish, which indeed degrades the environment.

Image Credits: BBC

Right now the fashion industry net worth is 28 billion dollars but it is producing a lot of greenhouse gas which is why the Commons environmental audit committee has put up some proposals as being mentioned below.

Clothing tax will be imposed 1p per item, so that recycling can be funded.

The tax changes have been done in order to reward reuse, repair, and recycling and support the responsible fashion companies

A ban has been imposed on landfilling unsold stock so that it can be recycled.

Environmental targets have been mandated with retailers who have a sales turnover of around 36 million dollars and even more.

Unlike the designer professor, Dilys Williams who is the director of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion is in the absolute favour of the taxes.

Also, Amber Kim, who is a fashion designing student herself is treating closed out of tents because she feels disgusted by the waste which is generated at the music festivals. Indulgence on the recycling governments and feels repulsive at the fast fashion trend.


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