Is Bit Index AI A Scam or Legit?


Bit Index AI Legit

An important question to answer is what makes Bit Index AI legit? After analysing the platform, Bit Index AI potentially come across as a capable crypto trading software that invest user’s funds in some of the best crypts. The software has been carefully designed to analyse technical indicators and other news sources that can affect an asset price in the future.

Furthermore, Bit Index AI websiterequires no hidden fees or deposits making it a very transparent platform. Cryptocurrencytrading especially in bare market can yield strong results. But it also comes with significant task and users should leverage on this. Read on this guide to know the reality about this platform.

DemoTrading Account

The demo trading account is one of the key parts in BitIndex AIthat clearly indicatesit’s legit. It’s a feature that both beginners and advanced traders can give a try. This acts as a trading account that allows users to trade with virtual currencies. Actually, users invest in the crypto market without trading with any real cash.

Furthermore, this demo account replicates the live trading account and assembles live market conditions. Traders may access this feature to better understand how Bit Index AI operates. After users familiarise themselves with the platform, they can deposit their funds and begin investing on live trading platform.


This is another major key feature in Bit Index AI. This feature is a clear indication of Bit Index AI legitimacy. With this, users can increase exposure to their crypto trades by applying leverage as high as 1:100. However, the platform states that this may not be the best option especially for beginners since a very high risk is involved when applying leverage on already volatile asset.

Users may want to conduct their own due diligence and onlyinvest an amount they can afford to lose. With this clear information, guess you can decide using Bit Index AI offiziell website without the hassle.

Final Thoughts

Bit Index AI is a crypto trading platform that analyses technical indicators and recent crypto price charts to make potentially profitable trades in digital assets. This guide has looked to review on whether this platform is legit or scam. We have provided users with a step-by-step guide that will help them know where it stands. However, when you start trading, only invest on something you can afford to lose.

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