Finding a residential HVAC system won’t be difficult if you know the difference between the types of air conditioning units and what is required in your home. Most people don’t understand that the HVAC system that is created for commercial buildings is too big for residential ones. You have to find a residential HVAC system that can cool the small space.

Why you need residential HVAC system?

Even if you have a big house, there is no need to get a commercial AC unit. The commercial HVAC systems are specifically manufactured for medium-size businesses, department stores, large buildings, and warehouses. Various small offices, schools, and churches have to install residential AC systems in each room for proper climate control.

Even the placement of these systems is done in different locations. For instance, you have to install commercial systems on the top of the building, while residential HVAC units can be placed in the backyard or alongside the residential building.

Residential systems are not only space-saving but also cost-efficient for homeowners. They don’t need a lot of energy and power. Moreover, they don’t make noise while the system is operating.

In commercial systems, business owners have to install a huge drainage system as the unit is cooling larger space and need extra moisture. Comparatively, the installation of a smaller drainage system can be the best option for residential HVAC systems.

Maintenance of HVAC unit

Residential HVAC systems will need maintenance once every year, while commercial ones require regular maintenance. You should hire someone who can check all the components and ensure that all the things are working properly.

Maintenance of residential systems is not complicated and can be done by most technicians. For both commercial and residential systems, you will need experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can not only install the HVAC units but also provide information about proper maintenance.

You should discuss this with a certified HVAC technician, before installing a system in your house. He will certainly inform about all benefits, drawbacks, and issues related to different units.


We hope now you understand that both commercial and residential HVAC systems require maintenance. However, residential systems are created for private buildings and commercial HVAC units are manufactured for large buildings and stores.