Addiction recovery doesn’t stop once you complete your drug rehab treatment program. For things to work in your favor, you must learn how to manage and avoid relapse triggers. No wonder you should never make the mistake of reentering society right after completing your rehab treatment program.

While you might not see anything wrong with taking this approach, this decision could cost you in the long. Rather than turning a blind eye as you slowly slip into your old ways, why not leverage whatsober living homes offer. Transitional facilities come in handy, especially when your home environment is not safe.

But recovering addicts are afraid to move into transitional facilities due to the costs associated with them. This doesn’t have to be the case since you can meet the rent without taking a toll on your finances. Below are some remarkable ways to pay for sober living and recovery homes.

Use Your Insurance Plan

Your health insurance plan can come in handy when looking to move into a sober living facility.  However, transitional housing facilities are not treatment centers since they only help residents recover from their addiction. That is possible as they provide safe, clean environment to help recovering addicts attain lasting sobriety.

That’s why you need to have a word with your insurance company and check if they can help you cover costs. In short, don’t rule out anything until you ask. That’s what you need to meet the cost of your entire stay at a sober living facility without getting into debt.

Family Support

You can never ignore the vital role your family, friends and loved ones play in the addiction recovery journey. Since family members offer emotional support to loved ones battling addiction, there is a good chance they will be more than ready to chip in financially.

Be sure to have a word with your family members, friends, and close neighbor to see if they can offer the support you need. Keep in mind you need to pay them back once you are well-off financially to avoid losing their trust.