How to Know if You’re Buying a Fake Lithium Battery


Lithium batteries are widely relied upon on different industries thanks to the numerous benefits they offer. Whether you decide to go for a 12v 50ah lithium battery or a 9ah battery, rest in knowing it will serve you greatly. That’s not to say you should make this purchase decision from just about anyone.

The use and sale of counterfeit lithium batteries is now a growing concern with no sign of slowing. Fake lithium batteries are mostly made using inferior materials and components, and can be dangerous to use. They damage devices, and in some situations, lead to fire.

Not to mention a counterfeit 50ah deep cycle battery can be unreliable and fail to offer the expected performance. That’s why you should determine if a 50ah lithium battery is fake or genuine. While it’s challenging, here’s how to go about this decision:

Check the Weight

When it comes to lithium batteries, weight is certainly a great indicator of authenticity. The outside of a 50ah battery lithium can be made to look precisely like an original if enough effort is employed. However, there is a slight chance that the weight may be tricked unless the battery manufacturer literally puts weights in the battery.

If at all they a manufacturer does that, it would be super obvious that it was scam. No wonder they always steer clear from doing it. Keep in mind battery chemistry is dense. So, if there happens to be a lot of it in a 12v 50ah lithium ion battery, it is certainly going to be heavy.

Performance Analysis

It’s evident that taking it upon yourself to undertake a comparison of the efficiency and performance is the most direct way to tell if you’re looking at a good 12v 9ah battery or a bad one. A fake battery tends to have an internal resistance that’s much higher compared to a genuine, OEM, or high-quality upgrade battery.

Keep in mind any genuine batter is specifically designed to meet a given electrical performance standard, like being able to offer a certain amount of power for a specified amount of time. Things tend to be different with fake lithium batteries since they have no guidelines,they should to meet other than looking extremely attractive to the end user.

Serial Numbers and Holograms

Before delving deeper, it is worth mentioning that this doesn’t apply to upgrade batteries, and all OEM batteries, but it does apply to some. Some brands are widely known to use serial numbers and holograms to mark their products as genuine. Buying a 12v-9ah battery from such a manufacturer can help ensure you get good value for your money.

One of the easiest ways to gain access to a company’s serial number database would be to try calling in for a warranty claim or for information based on your device, using the serial number as a reference. In this way, you can never regret your decision after buying a 12v9ah battery.


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