How to Hone Your Content To Reach Gen Z


Move over, Millennials-Generation Z is the newest wave of movers and shakers to grace the online marketplace. Straight out of high school, these incoming trendsetters don’t know a world without smartphones. They have no clue what a two-hour wait time feels like when going about their shopping.

But one standout feature of Gen Z is that they get the majority of their content online. From medical information to news stories, they rely on the internet for everything. So what does this mean for the marketing world? Well, the secret lies in changing your content creation strategy to reach this generation. Below are surefire tips to help make this easy for you.

Know Your Personas

The current population of post-millennials is at over 23 million and it will keep on growing. To stand the chance of creating engaging content, you should figure out what this massive and diverse cohort of tech savvy humans want, and how you can be the one to give it to them. You can make this happen through persona mapping, a strategic way for brands to gather intel on their customers.

You can then use this information to better communicate with each persona specifically and create personalized content. Persona analysis is aimed at optimizing your content, as it takes an in-depth look at their likes, dislikes, worries, feelings, thoughts, and wants of reach identified prospect. This is especially vital for understanding Gen Z.

Journey Mapping

We can never downplay the essence of bounce rates and sales when it comes to understanding your business. But looking at the funnel as a whole is what you need to organically gather data on your clientele. From the moment of initial contact, engagement, and into long-term retention, you can use mapping to analyze and fine-tune your entire tunnel through the content you put out.

Journey mapping has the power to help draw more readers to your blog since it revamps a brand’s key touchpoints through anecdotal viewpoints.Mapping is a useful tool to use whenever you want to catch the attention of the reader. After all, it focuses on a particular part of the customer story while also giving a broader look at the entire experience.

Find time to learn more about content creation for Gen Z to avoid missing out on the millions of prospects out there who can help drive business success and growth.


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