Is it true that only hackers who know how to hack into Facebook accounts can do it? The answer is simply no. You’d be startled to learn that anyone with a basic understanding of computers can quickly become a Facebook hacker. This allows them access to personal data about you & your activities, which might lead to significant consequences. So, how do these hackers perform Facebook hacks, access Facebook accounts, and take data? Here are three popular methods used by most hackers to access a Facebook account and start the malicious activity. Here are three popular methods used by most hackers to access a Facebook account and start the malicious activity.

Hacking a Facebook Account Using Phishing

Phishing is another typical approach for a Facebook hacker to access a Facebook account. Phishing is delivering fake communications that appear to come from a trustworthy source. Hackers utilize this method to deliver a false page to the victim. When they input their username & password, the hacker is automatically declared the winner of his Facebook account hacking mission. Using the social engineering toolkit currently included within the operating systems, hackers frequently employ phishing to hack Facebook accounts. From the same Local Area Network, they must send the phishing link to a target (LAN). Any information entered by the victim will be saved in a file on the hacker’s computer.

To hack a Facebook account, use a keylogger

A Facebook hacker needs to install keylogger software, from a website, on the victim’s computer. Hackers may track & record every keystroke you press on your keyboard once such keylogger software is activated. This implies that anything you input into your computer, especially on a website, especially bank credentials, passwords, personal information, and money, is at risk. The procedure cannot be carried out without decent keylogger software; thus, a hacker must first obtain one

When you simply open such a file, the keylogger software will be installed on the computer without your knowledge. The hacker will quickly get usernames and passwords to access Facebook accounts, emails, and other sensitive information.

An attacker who hacks your Facebook account may destroy your online reputation, change all of your other account passwords, obtain access to credit information, and even erase other accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, & others! Click here to find out more about how to hack a Facebook account.