How to Choose Modern Kitchen Cabinets


The design and style of your cabinets are crucial. You want to avoid anything that looks like it is outdated. If you have a modern kitchen cabinets, choose a sleek style that makes the space feel spacious and open. You can also go for a cabinetry design that features glass fronts to highlight your culinary creations.

Selecting the modern kitchen cabinets

While it can be overwhelming to choose a color for your modern kitchen cabinets, you can start by gathering inspiration. You can consult a color guide for ideas or ask the design team for their advice. If you are unsure, consider a whimsical green color like Wandering Vine. This color works great as a distinctive cabinetry color, but can also be used subtly in other areas of the kitchen.

Color plays an important role in making your kitchen look more modern. If you are using wood for your cabinets, choose dark wood. Dark woods, such as cherry, have an exotic look. Alternatively, you can try lacquer-finished or stained alternatives for a clean, sleek look. You can also opt for textured finishes to show off the wood grain.

Frameless modern kitchen cabinets offer a lot of storage space in comparison to rail-style cabinets. Also, you should look for a cabinet with soft-close doors and drawers. Some hinges come with this feature as an extra. Touchless cabinets are also a luxurious option. Touchless cabinets are especially convenient for waste/recycling drawers.

A modern kitchen should also have flat-panel cabinets, especially for the main kitchen cabinets and pantry. The doors should be flat, and you can use white or light-colored wood for the pantry and main modern kitchen cabinets. You can also add slim pull handles to complete the mid-century modern look. You can also opt for a combination of two colors or a single bright color on modern kitchen cabinets for a bolder look.


Choosing a color scheme for your modern kitchen cabinets should be based on your own taste and personality. For instance, a pale sage green kitchen is perfect for those who prefer a more casual and natural look. It pairs well with white tiles. A natural wood finish also adds warmth and texture to the space. Another bold color combination is navy blue and gold. In general, the hardware of modern kitchen cabinets is flush with the surface of the cabinet door. This type of cabinet hardware is often paired with a strip tile backsplash


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