Google Pay, initially Pay with Google, is an online wallet that allows users to send money across the world to friends and family on mobile devices, tablets, and watches. In addition to all the existing services, it also doubles up as one of the most popular method of payment for buying and selling Bitcoin instantly and securely. When planning to buy Bitcoin in high volumes with Google Pay, the best way to go about it is to use Coinbase or Paxful for your trading needs.

The good thing about buying and selling Bitcoin through Google Pay is that you can rely on one of the many listed vendors or simply create your own offer to sell your Bitcoin in Google Pay Balance. All it takes is for you to choose the offer that suits you the most while also creating offers with the best chance of converting.

To make secure purchases online or in-app with Google Pay by your side, you need to start by creating an account. Fortunately, that’s not going to eat into your precious time since you only have to share the relevant details after which you can verify your account.         Upon setting up an account, you have to find a reputable exchange or marketplace that will let you do it.

If you would rather rely on a dominant U.S cryptocurrency exchange that is used and trusted by millions of customers worldwide,  you’re better off counting on Coinbase,. When  buying Bitcoin with Google Pay on Coinbase, you simply have to create an account, verify it and add your Coinbase Card to your Google Pay wallet. After setting up everything, go to ‘Bitcoin’ and select the amount you want to buy and receive Bitcoins directly in your Coinbase wallet.

Since the ability to buy Bitcoin with Google Pay on Coinbase is only available for a select number of countries at the moment, you can take advantage of Binance, Paxful or LocalBitcoins. Ensure you factor in the pros and cons of each marketplace before deciding on anything. Luckily, you can get the information you need hassle-free at

Final Thoughts

It is possible to use Google Pay from almost any country around the world to buy and sell Bitcoin. And with more apps on Android accepting Google Pay as a payment method for buying Bitcoin, you will always find the best for your needs.