Native American dream catcher

Have you ever wondered how dream catchers catch dreams? Do you wish to find out what a dream catcher is made of? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have definitely come to the right place. Well, good dreams are definitely going to come along if you try hanging a dream catcher above your head. In Native American tradition, dream catchers consist of a round hoop that is made from willow wood. It is then woven with a loose web of yam before decorating it using feathers or beads hanging below the hoop.

Origin of Dream Catchers

It is believed that the origin of dream catchers can be traced back to Ojibwa (Chippewa) Nation. Over time, Native American people begun adopting dream catchers as part of their tradition.Today, these remarkable items serve as symbols of Native American culture as a whole. In fact, many people choose to hang a Native American dream catcher above the bed of sleeping children. This action is aimed at protecting them from evil spirits and bad dreams.To make it even better, some opt to have them in their car thus acting as a source of protection whenever they hit the road.

How Do Dream Catchers Work

Legends have it that the spider web design of an Indian dream catcher makes it possible for dreams to pass through while at the same time floating down the hanging feathers and beads to sleeping children. This is quite different for bad dreams as they are caught in the web. Whenever the first rays of morning light hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams would disappear automatically. Therefore, any child who is sleeping under a dream catcher is going to enjoy full protection from nightmares.

The interpretation of how dream catchers work tend to vary from one culture to another. Some people believe the bad dreams pass through the holes in the web and exit out through the nearest window. Good dreams on the other hand are caught in the web thus sliding down the feathers and beads to the sleeping child below. Regardless of how a dream catcher works, the symbolism is never going to change. People who believe in them think they act as a filter for dreams by deflecting the bad dreams away and directing the good dreams to a sleeper.

The Bottom Line

Getting to know how a dream catcher works is very important. After all, there is no need why you should purchase something that is never going to make your life enjoyable. You should however not confine your mind to the thoughts of using a dream catcher when sleeping only. This is because dream catchers have a broader meaning than what the legends try to explain. In fact, some people believe dream catchers represent good energy and can neutralize bad energy. Actually, this happens when you are awake or asleep. Try an Indian dream catcher today and change your life for the better.