The plan of Vikram lander of the Chandrayaan 2 mission landing on the lunar surface did not work according to the ISRO scientist. According to the ‘Moon Fact Sheet’ by the US Space Agency NASA, in the last six decades, the ratio of success of lunar missions undertaken is not even 60%. Out of the 109 lunar missions that were undertaken during this period, just 60% complete the successful. The remaining 45% of missions were partially successful or completely successful. In one of the statements by ISRO, near about 90-95% of the Chandrayaan 2 Moon mission objectives were successful.

The status of the Chandrayaan-2 mission has not been updated yet on the page of NASA while writing. The mission is still on and a part of its objective that is deploying the Pragyan Rover and landing the lander Vikram has not been accomplished according to the plans. The orbiter of Chandrayaan 2 yet has mission goals to achieve. ISRO stated that it is currently healthy in the lunar orbit.

During the final descent, the Vikram lander lost communication with the ground stations. According to the officials of ISRO, the orbiter of the second lunar mission Chandrayaan 2 remains safe and healthy.

In the update on Chandrayaan 2 microsite, ISRO said that Chandrayaan 2 mission was highly complex and represented technological leap as compared to the last missions of the Indian Space Research Organizations that brought together a lander, an orbiter and a Rover to explore the South Pole position of the Moon. As 90 to 95% of the Chandrayaan 2 mission was successful, the success criteria can be very well defined for all phases of the mission. This mission will continue to contribute to the lunar science, despite the communication laws with the lander.