You might feel super confident in yourself since you’ve chosen the day care centre that you’re interested in. But you have to ensure you don’t end up wishing you could rewind time to keenly read on the biggest mistakes to avoid when choosing top preschools in Singapore.

Since your child is the most precious person in your life, always ensure you’re careful with the whole process for them to get the best treatment in a daycare center. With that said, here are some mistakes you need to avoid when choosing a preschool Singapore center for your child.

Skimping on Teacher Interactions with Children

Among the best thing you can probably do when you’ve toured an early childcare education
facility is to observe how the teachers interact with children. Keenly examine if the teachers are interactive and if they play with the children. Furthermore, be sure to find out if the teachers engage in some activities such as hugging, singing, talking and snuggling with the children.

Of course, you’ll want to be sure that your preferred childcare in Singapore center teachers highly value building bonds with the children, and that they find joy working with the little ones. If possible, you can talk to the caregivers and ask them why they are in childcare and what they really love most about working with children.

Not Inquiring About the Curriculum

Curriculum goes beyond academics and it should be focused on play, social as well as emotional development. When looking for the best childcare centers Singapore, you have to make sure you do your research and ensure the facility has a focus on play, social and emotional development. It is only then your child will learn in a way that will properly set him or her for future success.

You’ll possibly know if an early childhood education facility is effective if the children do various activities, sing, chant or play. It’s also essential to ask about teacher turnover in a daycare facility since ignoring may affect your kid later.

Actually, attachment and bonding are extremely significant for your child’s brain and they might not be achieved if a facility keeps on exchanging teachers. No wonder you can never risk skimping on while examining child care centers near me. Before you know it, you’ll have found the best preschool in Singapore to leverage.