Starting a new career can be nerve-wrecking, and new commercial HVAC technicians in particular face a range of challenges that require them to be quick on their feet. If you’ve been considering pursuing this career path, then you should prepare yourself for what lies ahead. This is the only way you can standout from the crowd.

To give every new commercial HVAC tech a head start, we have put together a few tips that will help you out. Keep in mind there are many things you might not have learnt in HVAC school, but you need to get acquainted with them for the betterment of your career. Read on to find out more!

Keep an Eye on the Details

As with any other job you take up, attention to detail is paramount if you are to succeed as a commercial HVAC tech. And this is not just to impress your boss but to make your life as a tech a whole lot easier. The best way to go about this is by focusing on customer service before you even hit the road running.

Go out of your way and remember your next customer’s name and do everything it takes to gather any previous service history your company has on them. That shows you have come well-prepared on the customer.

Safety for your and the Customer

Work in the trades is physically demanding and, frankly, dangerous. That’s why you should make your safety and that of your customer a priority when working as a commercial HVAC contractor. Some practical things you can do to keep yourself safe include driving mindfully, wearing appropriate industrial-grade footwear, and always exercising caution from the word go.

Final Thoughts

Working as a commercial HVAC contractor entails a lot more than what is included in this quick guide. To create a name for yourself, you should always leave the door for learning open. And not just learning at a HVAC school, but you need to also learn from the best commercial HVAC contractors near you to succeed in the field.