With different watch sizes out there, it might prove quite hard to find one that is comfortable to wear. This is mostly the case when you’re getting your first watch online. Without taking time to know the size that fits you perfectly, you’ll end up getting a watch that doesn’t suit your needs and preference.

Fortunately, this is something you no longer have to make do with provided you determine the size of your wrist. In this post, we’ll share top tips for choosing the right watch for your wrist size.

Very Thin Wrists

For those with a skinny wrist, then it’s mandatory that you factor in the proportions when out shopping. To pull this off successfully, examine the different timepieces at your disposal and be sure to try them. This action will help you in assessing how each one of them sits on your wrist.

At no time should settle on a timepiece way too big and bulky since it’s only going to overwhelm your thin wrist. Worse, it cannot fit easily and neatly under a slim shirt cuff.  In short, go for a suitable design that blends perfectly with your wrist size.

Thick Wrists

Most people tend to think a large watch will do the trick when having a thick wrist, but don’t get carried away. Buying a watch that suits your frame does not imply choosing the heaviest one on the market.  Instead, try to strike a balance between size and style. The first place to start is choosing a watch with a 44.46 mm or larger if it is to be proportionate to your wrist. Whatever choice you choose to go with, ensure the timepiece is suitably thick and boasts of an appropriate style.

The Bottom Line

Never let the numerous watch sizes out there be the underlying reason why you cannot get the perfect fit. Simply start by measuring the size of your wrist after which you can use this information when performing a search. Through this action, it is never going to take long before you finally find the watch of your dreams.