Brass Barbed Fittings

Brass barbed fittings have several advantages. One of these is that they’re extremely durable. If you have a heavy-duty hose and a brass barbed fitting, you can use the same fitting to attach the two. Often, brass barbed fittings are the best option for high-pressure applications. You can buy them in different sizes, including metric and imperial sizes. For more information on brass barbed fittings, read on.

Brass barbed fittings are durable, easy to install and cost less than their counterparts. They can be made from forged or machined brass, ensuring high durability and corrosion resistance. They come in a variety of connections for different kinds of hoses. The inside of the fittings has raised ridges that grip the hoses tightly. These fittings can be secured with clamps or crimped ferrules.

Barbed fittings have many applications. Brass barbeds are a popular choice in many industries. They can be used for low-pressure couplings and are inexpensive and reliable. Brass barbs are particularly useful in industrial applications, including hose pipes. For example, many industries use brass barbs to attach hoses. A barbed brass fitting can fit into several different materials and sizes. So, regardless of what application, you’ll find many different uses for brass barbed fittings.

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Brass fittings are made of a special alloy that makes them very durable. They can weld to copper, a trendy piping system choice. They are also reasonably priced, making them an attractive commercial choice. They combine value with quality and can be valuable to any industrial application. This also makes them more cost-effective than their metal counterparts. It’s essential to check on the material you’re choosing for your application to make sure you’re buying the best product.

Hose barb fittings are 360CA brass and can handle up to 150 PSI. They typically have a crimped ferrule or a hose clamp. To use a barbed brass fitting, ensure the clamp has the proper “A” dimension. You can view a detailed catalog of Brass Hose Barb Fittings on the website. These fittings are handy when it comes to connecting lines.


A standard hose barb used for general-purpose applications is a hose clamp. This type of fitting is economical and durable, with low magnetic permeability and good flexibility. You can choose one that has equal spacing or extra space. Choose the correct size based on the hose barb type, and how much pull resistance it will give you. These fittings are also available in both metric and inch sizes.